The burgeoning cannabis industry has spawned the development of new kinds of cannabis edibles. Instead of the boring old brownie, you can enjoy your cannabis in a soda, gummy, chocolate, hard candy, and even a sublingual strip these days.

It’s not just the variety that makes modern-day edibles better, it’s the product stability. Cannabis brands create potent formulas that maintain dose consistency throughout. This makes it easier than ever before to control the amount of cannabis that’s being ingested, therefore controlling the experience.

Designer Formulas & Precise Dosing

It’s common for cannabis edibles to come in designer formulas aimed at specific outcomes. Products with high THC levels for inducing sleep and reducing pain are available. Moreover, the formulas with equal parts THC to CBD can be eaten for a balanced body effect. There’s an edible on the market to suit every lifestyle, recreational, and medicinal need.

One of the main benefits of the new cannabis edibles is the ability to precisely dose. That was sorely lacking in earlier versions of edible cannabis products. Low doses of 5mg-10mg make it possible to microdose and titrate to find your preferred dose. 

Achieving a Successful Outcome with New Cannabis Edibles


Even though it’s easier to control the dose than in the past, it’s still important to understand how cannabis edibles work. Eating cannabis is much different than smoking or vaping it. Once an edible is consumed it travels through the digestive system before the cannabinoids enter the bloodstream and the effects are felt. Each person’s digestive system is unique, therefore it’s difficult to estimate how long this process takes, but experts suggest 1-2 hours.

cannabis infused gummies

For the best outcome start with the standard dose of 5-10 mg and wait one hour. Once an hour has passed, assess how you feel, before taking another 5-10mg. Allowing an hour to pass between doses will help prevent too much THC from hitting the bloodstream all at once. 

CBD counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC, so keeping a bottle of CBD only oil on hand is a good idea if you’re planning on eating cannabis. Furthermore, the cannabis edibles rule of thumb is to “start low and go slow.” 

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