Now that cannabis edibles and tinctures are becoming more prevalent in the marketplace, microdosing cannabis is easier to do. Cannabis brands deliver low dose edible formulas with 5mg-10mg of THC, which is perfect for a microdose routine. Furthermore, an even more precise dose can be obtained by using a cannabis tincture with a measured dropper application.

Microdose for Better Resultscannabis oil

Experts say that less is more when it comes to cannabis. This is especially true for people that are new to the drug. Titrating small doses of cannabis is the best way to build up to the “minimum effective dose” while maintaining a positive outcome. By microdosing, the user can minimize the amount of THC that enters their system and eliminate unwanted psychoactive effects.

Most people associate the THC in cannabis with the “high” that it promotes. However, there’s so much more to the cannabinoid than its psychoactive properties. Science tells us that THC in small doses can mimic the natural compounds in the human endocannabinoid system. Therefore, presenting an environment for homeostasis (a body in balance.)

CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, works with THC to stimulate cannabinoid receptors and provide relief. It’s important to use a formula that contains both CBD and THC to get the full benefit of cannabis. A formula high in CBD will deliver health benefits without the “high”. 

The Benefit of Microdosing Cannabis

The main benefit of microdosing cannabis is its ability to promote balance and aid in the body’s natural healing processes. A practice of taking low doses of THC can relieve stress, pain, anxiety, and depression. It can promote creativity and focus while engaging a healthy appetite. It can make you smile, laugh, and all that good stuff.

Some engage in microdosing as a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, while others have a more focused intent. Whatever the reason, there is significant evidence that microdosing cannabis can improve brain function and total well-being.

Getting Started  

Experts suggest abstaining from cannabis for 48hrs before beginning a microdose protocol. This allows the body to reset its tolerance for cannabis, even for heavy users. After 48 hours, start with a 1:1 formula of CBD to THC and take 1mg. It’s important to note how the body and mind feel before taking the microdose. Wait 45 minutes and notice whether there has been any change to how the body and mind feel, if not take 1 mg and repeat the process until a change occurs. The minimum effective dose for each person is determined at the moment effects are felt from the cannabis. This protocol will be repeated for the next several days, slowly increasing the dose until there is no longer a change in the felt effects. At that point, the therapeutic range can be identified.

Establishing a routine to microdose cannabis can benefit your health and your bank account. Cannabis science suggests that THC is much more effective in low doses. Therefore, microdosing helps the body to stimulate the healing processes that already exist. Since less cannabis is being consumed, the cost to imbibe goes down. 

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