The first rule to being a concierge is listening. We have built Euphorium on our customers needs and feedback, and tailored our services to provide high-quality cannabis products across every category!  Today, we are extremely excited to announce our Euphorium Cannabis line! We want to share what brought us to this point, and how you can shape the future of our new house brand!

Over the years, we have established relationships with cultivators, extractors, edible creators, and other producers in our industry. At the same time, we have developed a sense of our customers’ tastes and needs, as well as studied the many quality products we carry.  We had all the ingredients of a house brand, as well as an answer to a question we’ve been asking ourselves: “How can we tailor our concierge experience to a new level?”

Photo of our Hella Jelly Half Oz, available through Euphorium Delivery! Our Hella Jelly Half Ounce, Now available through Euphorium Delivery!

Many products curated for Euphorium Cannabis will be done so based on customer feedback, and we have set up a request form so you can inspire our choices like you do for all the products we carry! Whether it’s a certain strain, type of edible, a vape or preroll, let us know what you want to see!

Our first product drop is Big Buds from Golden State Canna – Apple Fritter, Hella Jelly and God’s Breath!

As a Social Equity Retailer, we love to support other Local, Social Equity and Small Business Cultivators. If you or someone you know is a state-licensed cultivator that would like to work with us, please contact us!

Order Euphorium Cannabis Flower through our Delivery Service!