The world of edibles has expanded far beyond the homemade infused brownie. Today, it’s a multi-million dollar market with a vast array of cannabis-infused foods and drinks, including candies, gourmet chocolates, baked goods, sparkling waters, juices, energy drinks, and more. These products provide a tasty alternative to more traditional methods of consumption, such as smoking and vaping. If you’re interested in giving them a try, here’s your edibles guide for a successful experience.

edible cannabis

Understanding How Edibles Work

Edibles work a bit differently than other methods of cannabis consumption. When you smoke or vape, cannabinoids absorb through your lungs and into your bloodstream, providing results in about 30 minutes. Tinctures applied under the tongue absorb through the thin skin and directly into your bloodstream. With edibles, the cannabinoids travel through your digestive system first. They get processed through your liver before entering your system.

Since edibles get digested first, it does take longer for the effects of the cannabinoids to kick in. At the same time, those effects last longer, offering longer-lasting relief.

Finding Your Dose

As with any other form of cannabis, you need to take the time to find your dose. Edibles often hit a little stronger, along with lasting longer. Taking even a little more than what your body can handle can lead to unwanted effects, such as paranoia and increased anxiety.

Fortunately, edibles from the dispensary make it easy to find the dose that works best for you. Every product label contains information about the THC and CBD content per package and per serving. If you’re new to edibles, you can start with a single serving to test your response. You can even break a serving in half if you think a whole one might be too much. Every edibles guide suggests you gradually work your way up until you find what provides you with the results you’re seeking.

Edibles Guide Tips for Success

If you’re new to edibles, here are a few tips for success:

Start Low

Begin with a single serving or less. Work your way up gradually to avoid getting too much at one time.

Read the Label

Not all edibles are the same. Different products have different amounts of THC and CBD. Choose products based on the effects you’re looking to achieve. If you’re concerned about THC, look for edibles high in CBD.

Time Your Dose

If you’re taking an edible to help you sleep or to keep you calm during a social situation, time your dose accordingly. Remember, it takes longer for edibles to kick in than it does for other methods. On average, it takes about 90 minutes for you to begin feeling the effects.

Buy Edibles from a Licensed Dispensary

When buying edibles and other cannabis products, you should always purchase from a licensed dispensary. These products have been lab-tested for cannabinoid content and safety. You can make edibles at home, but dosing may be a bit more challenging. While planning is important, it’s still more difficult to know exactly what you’re getting every time.

Edibles offer a tasty way to enjoy cannabis. With the right dose, you can find relief from pain, anxiety, and more. No matter what flavors you enjoy, you’re sure to find an edible that provides you with just what you need.