Just 20 years ago, we learned something new about the human body. We had a specific system to support many of our bodily functions, like weight management, moods, sleep patterns, hormone balance, and pain. They called this new discovery the endocannabinoid system

When this system is in balance, you feel good and your body works well. But if you’re stressed out or have other health concerns, you may need to take a supplement to support it. The body makes cannabinoids and so does the marijuana plant. The plant versions are called phytocannabinoids. 

One that is getting a lot of attention is called cannabidiol, or CBD, for short. It helps with addressing many different health issues. What is the best thing that CBD helps with? Read on.

Improved Sleepcbd relief

One of the main endocannabinoids produced in the body is called anandamide. It is a chemical that minimizes anxiety and enhances mood. It’s named after the Sanskrit for “bliss.”

When you take a CBD supplement, you become more relaxed because of anandamide. When you are relaxed, it is easier to go to sleep. With time, people with poor sleep cycles can return to natural circadian rhythms for healthy rest.

Chronic Pain

Anandamide? That’s also a chemical the body uses to regulate pain. When there is more in the bloodstream, you actually feel less pain. This is important for people who experience chronic pain from arthritis, back pain, and migraines.

CBD helps with reducing the body’s intake of anandamide, so you can breathe a little easier. This can be a major benefit for people who otherwise struggle with taking addictive prescription drugs. CBD does not cause a body high that some associate with marijuana.


That state of euphoria can be credited to THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. That’s another cannabinoid found in marijuana, and it can cause temporary feelings of anxiety in some people. A high CBD, low THC strain can help ensure that you are getting the results you are seeking.

CBD helps with anxiety. Studies show that THC will reduce anxiety in smaller doses, but actually increase it in larger doses. Understanding the ratio for your cannabis usage will help you feel your best.


For those with inflammation caused by arthritis, surgeries, multiple sclerosis, and even acne, CBD has been found effective in studies. Applying a CBD cream or gel directly to areas of the body would be a game-changer to those who rely on steroid or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

While research is still on-going, studies found that CBD inhibits the neuropathways that the body uses to register pain and trigger inflammation.  

Hormone Imbalance

CBD also helps to support the body’s production of hormones. This means that women can ingest extra CBD to alleviate PMS symptoms like mood swings, inflammation, and pain. If you are struggling with menopause or perimenopause, or even puberty, CBD helps to support a more balanced hormonal system.

CBD Helps With … Everything?

Many people are incredulous about the reported effects of CBD because they are so varied. But the more you learn about the endocannabinoid system, the more you’ll see how interconnected the bodily systems are. When nature can support your body, you can feel better, naturally.