CBD, formally known as cannabidiol, is a marvelous substance. Found in cannabis plants, CBD dosing can relieve the symptoms of various medical and mental health complaints, from anxiety and depression to migraines and fibromyalgia.

How CBD Works

CBD works with the body’s endocannabinoid system, an internal network that supports a wide variety of functions including sleep, memory, mood, and coordination. Enzymes break down chemicals called cannabinoids, which bind to receptors in the central nervous system. 

When you take CBD, it binds to those same receptors and affects the processes that they control. It can help you sleep, decrease anxiety, and ease the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. CBD can even relieve pain from a variety of conditions, including neuropathy and arthritis.

CBD Dosing Considerations

CBD dosing depends on multiple factors, including your body weight and the reason you’re taking it. Your body chemistry also plays a role. Some people, for example, have mutations in the gene that codes CBD receptors, and their response to CBD can be different.

Because of the many contributing factors, recommended CBD doses vary significantly depending on the condition they’re meant to treat:

  • 300mg to 600 mg per day for anxiety
  • 75 mg to 300 mg per day for Parkinson’s disease
  • 2.5 mg to 20 mg per day for chronic pain
  • 40 mg to 160 mg per day for sleep disorders
  • 40 mg to 1,280 mg per day for schizophrenia

Larger individuals may need doses on the higher end of the spectrum, while those who are smaller may need less.

cbd doseSome containers don’t list the amount of CBD per dose, so you’ll have to figure it out based on the total amount in the container. For example, a bottle of CBD oil might say that it contains 1,000 mg of CBD and that there are 400 drops in the bottle. In that case, there is 2.5 mg of CBD in each droplet.

Different forms of CBD also vary in their onset and the duration of their effectiveness. You’ll want to consider these factors when determining your dosage.

Finding Your Dose

The safest strategy for dosing, especially if you’re taking CBD to address a medical condition, is to consult a doctor. If you’re taking CBD on your own, start small. CBD Oil Review (COR) recommends a serving standard of 25 mg taken twice daily, which works out to 50 mg per day. Other sources recommend starting with as little as 20 mg per day.

Always err on the side of caution and give the CBD at least a week to start working before increasing your dosage. Some sources recommend that you wait longer. COR recommends adding 25 mg per day after three to four weeks. Healthline recommends adding 5 mg per day after a single week.

Be aware that your original symptoms may get worse if you’re taking too much CBD. If that’s the case, decrease your dose.

A Final Word

Human bodies tend to tolerate CBD well, even in high doses, and it’s not possible to overdose. That said, some people do experience negative side effects like fatigue and appetite changes, and there have been reports of harm done by poor-quality CBD products. Always buy from a reputable source and choose products that have undergone third-party testing.